The Prenda Group team offers to its clients the opportunity to incorporate long term and respected representation and experience that addresses immediate and future federal relations interests in our Nation’s Capitol. The Prenda Group will provide targeted, proactive representation on your behalf with the overriding objective of utilizing in-depth long term knowledge of Congressional Members and staff, as well as with federal agency officials. By retaining The Prenda Group, the client will benefit directly from the expertise, resources, relationships and assets of the firm. Our clients will obtain highly motivated, competent and personalized representation. The reputation of The Prenda Group on Capitol Hill is built upon trust, integrity and performance. It would be a great privilege to represent you and bring your organization’s policy, priorities and business development to the forefront in the U.S. federal arena.

Brian Prenda - President
“Brian Brian created The Prenda Group with the vision of delivering hands on experienced representation to clients around the globe. Brian has vast experience from the ground up working alongside contractors, engineers, project and technology development teams, as well as sales teams to guide and complete major projects throughout North America and the world. Prior to The Prenda Group, Brian served 14 years as a Vice President for Van Scoyoc Associates of Washington, D.C., providing his expertise in energy and technology-related issues to various fortune five hundred companies as well as to startup organizations. Brian’s career expertise spans 35 years in the public, government relations, and state and federal lobbying sectors. Brian’s strong and diverse legal background in legislative and regulatory procedures represents The Prenda Group’s strength in delivering leading edge client services.

Brian served as Director for Federal Government Relations at Duke Energy Corporation, one of the largest energy corporations in the United States. His industry roles have included leadership in the federal passage of comprehensive pipeline safety legislation, as well as serving as Chairman of the Legislative Affairs Committee for the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America and Vice President of the Natural Gas Roundtable of Washington, D.C. In addition to his work at Duke Energy, he has had extensive experience with several major energy companies and important energy projects. The list includes Spectra Energy, PanEnergy Corporation, Texas Eastern Corporation, DCP Midstream Algonquin Gas Transmission Company, and the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline project. Brian served as Director of Public and Government Relations for Algonquin Gas Transmission Company and Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline, LLC. In the northeast region, he has extensive experience representing National Associations in Washington, D.C. in the natural gas and cleaning product sectors.

Brian has broadened his practice areas and has added international energy projects, health care program initiatives, the promotion of leading edge domestic technologies as well as foreign technologies entering U.S. markets. He assists industries in entering and expanding into worldwide markets. Brian continues to advocate for companies on behalf of their projects and product promotions in the U.S. legislative process, government agency procurement and purchasing procedures, and also with identifying possible worldwide markets.

Brian earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio and he holds a Masters in Public Administration from Suffolk University in Boston Massachusetts. Brian received his Juris Doctorate degree at Southern New England School of Law, now the University of Massachusetts School of Law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He is a member of both the Massachusetts and Federal Bars.

Coleen Prenda - Chief Executive Officer
“Coleen Coleen Prenda has years of experience in working with corporate executives to address issues that arise out of energy and infrastructure project development. Coleen has assisted corporations and industry in better understanding the pitfalls and weaknesses when not connecting with the public, federal, state and local officials that want straightforward information on projects and technology that involve their community. Her unique experience and understanding of the media from her years as an on-air radio personality and media executive with Clear Channel Communications and Cumulus Radio in New England, provides a strategic advantage to corporate clients. This experience, combined with Coleen's previous background as Vice President of Government Relations at ENGlobal Corporation for 10 years, gives clients a clear understanding of what is expected by the public and by government officials on all levels. Coleen’s leadership and interest on a diverse number of issues led her to serve several terms as a member of the board of directors and a term as Vice President for The Woman in Government Relations organization, a leading edge federal issues organization on Capitol Hill.

Coleen has seen firsthand how stories develop and how media can play a major role with influencing the opinion of the public and government officials on projects and products. She has assisted energy companies in New Jersey to troubleshoot and to further prevent opposition on important interstate natural gas pipeline projects. She has gained strategic and on the ground knowledge through her experience in leading and conducting landowner and right-of- way surveys for the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) Foundation.

Coleen has led teams into the field to gather valuable feedback from the people who can make or break a project - the impacted general public and public officials. She co- founded The Prenda Group to help industry control and defeat the increased scrutiny on infrastructure projects across the country during the entire development process from proposal to construction. Coleen leads The Prenda Group team in making the strategic link between public relations and government relations and creating team strategies that work.

Coleen earned her Masters of Legislative Affairs Degree from George Washington University.

Brad Price - Vice President
“Brad Bradford Price serves as Vice President of the Prenda Group, which he joined in July of 2017 along with his longtime colleague and mentor, Brian Prenda. Prior to the creation of the new firm, Brad spent 11 years as a Director of Government Relations at Van Scoyoc Associates, in Washington, D.C.

While at Van Scoyoc, Brad provided lobbying services and strategic advice to a broad cross-section of the firm’s clients, including those engaged in energy infrastructure development, chemical manufacturing and related consumer products, healthcare products and services, and interstate transportation issues. Among the significant pieces of legislation that he played a role in crafting include; the Energy Policy Acts of 2005 and 2007, multiple reauthorizations of the federal pipeline safety statute, the Toxic Substances Control Act of 2016, tax policy related to the treatment of biofuels, and Medicare reimbursement policy for durable medical equipment. Brad prides himself on developing a substantive knowledge of client issues, while also being able to advise them on the political calculus impacting their initiatives.

Assisting clients with establishing or broadening their political brand is an area of particular expertise that Brad provides to the Prenda Group. This involves not just developing a federal legislative strategy to accomplish a client’s goals, but also developing personal relationships with members of Congress and staff in Washington, in their districts, and establishing the client as a trusted source of information in their field.

Brad served as the Finance Director for former Sen. Jeff Bingaman’s (D-NM) re-election campaign. In that role, he was responsible for organizing and executing a statewide fundraising strategy for the campaign, as well as interfacing with the Washington staff on issues of importance to the electorate.

Brad got his start in Washington, D.C. working for the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA), which is also an existing client of The Prenda Group. In his role as a Legislative Assistant for INGAA, he assisted in developing and executing the association’s legislative priorities, and also served as the administrator of INGAA’s political action committee. During his time as the PAC administrator, Brad was responsible for executing several large events, including the association’s sponsorship of the 2004 presidential nomination conventions.

A proud West Virginian, Brad also spent two years working for his home state governor, Robert Wise, who served from 2001 to 2005. While in the Governor’s Office, he primarily worked on implementing the governor’s initiative to bring more state government services online, including the first ever ability to renew a driver’s license or apply for a hunting license online.

Garrett Prenda - Manager of Government Relationships
“Garrett Garrett Prenda brings a fresh millennial perspective to The Prenda Group's federal government advocacy efforts. Garrett has years of experience working with clients using all forms of media to help them achieve their objectives inside and out of the political realm. He comes to the team with experience in government relations at Van Scoyoc Associates where he assisted several of their executives in everyday duties. Garrett holds a degree in international politics from St Andrews University in North Carolina. He has a passion for science and technology and brings that energy and drive to our team. His background includes serving as a principal in a social media marketing firm based in Frederick Maryland that focused on local business promotion.

Garrett, in his career, has had experience in the fields of transportation, manufacturing, and technology fields. Garrett serves as the Manager of Government Relations and supports all legislative and agency initiatives for our clients across the board.

Cody Coffin - Manager of Finance and Business Development
“Garrett Cody joined The Prenda Group with a solid background in business development and financial administration. Cody’s experiences in business administration come from his years of managing and creating out-of-the-box financial strategies for a regional chain of businesses in the Virginia, D.C. and Maryland region. Cody was responsible for planning and creating business development plans for the growth of this regional chain of stores.

At The Prenda Group, Cody brings to the table for our clients new growth opportunities within the vast network of businesses and organizations we have served over the years. Cody’s background in the financial management area is a valuable asset to The Prenda Group. Cody also has precious experience in the transportation, highway and shipping sectors, which adds value to our existing and new clients.